Psychic Ability Vs Spirituality (Part II)

Anand Krishna

The Bali Times, January 22, 2010


ABC! The Master reminds us: “Always Be Careful!” Psychic ability can do much damage to us, if we do not have our intellectual domain fully or substantially developed before we acquire it.

Psychic ability minus intelligence can be the greatest hindrance in the soul’s evolution. The ego, the arrogance, the vanity, the pride that comes with it can stop the soul’s evolution. One can be static in one place for eons.

Alas, this is happening with many of us. Our souls have stopped evolving any further.

Psychic ability without intelligence can make us good healers, but we can only heal those who are without intelligence. We can only swim in the same pool with them. We cannot dive and reach the depth of the ocean.

With our limited and vain ability, when we try to heal, even touch a person who has his or her intelligence fully developed, we may cause him or her a burning sensation that is unbearable. Ramakrishna, the master of Vivekananda, always complained of such sensation whenever touched by people like us.

In their compassion, however, masters like Ramakrishna may not utter a single word. They may bear the burning sensation without complaint. We may not appreciate their act of compassion, for we have no inkling of their suffering. Indeed, their very presence amongst us is but one grand act of compassion.

The evolved souls are actually allergic to this world, the worldliness, and the worldly people like us. Such souls decide to live among us to help us. They undergo much suffering because of us. They remain with us, because they truly love us.

This is spirituality. Psychic ability plus intelligence is equal to spirituality.

Intelligence is not intellectuality. One can be intellectual by borrowing knowledge from books, from any other outer source. One can become intellectual by undergoing certain training, or programmes. But that is not the same as being a man or woman of intelligence.

Intelligence comes from “knowing oneself” – knowing oneself in the soul’s utter nakedness. The soul is not divine, as the intellectuals would like to put it. The soul is not sinful, as the ignorant believe. The soul is neither divine nor ignorant. Neither that, nor this. It is only a man of intelligence, a woman of intelligence, who can know what soul is. Knowing it, one knows oneself.

And yet, knowing it may just be the beginning of a long journey unto the unknown and unknowable. One who knows it, knows all. One who knows all, knows nothing. The more one knows, the further one gets from ordinary, mundane knowledge and closer to the unknown.

One who does not know anything of any value claims to know. One who knows something of great value makes no such claims. One who can truly heal the soul refuses to be called a healer. One who can only heal the body makes big and tall claims.

One who loves claims not to be a lover. One who loves expects nothing in return. One who loves does so unconditionally. There is no reason to love, no season. It is love all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – love, love and only love.

There comes a time in the lives of each one of us when we are very, very close to a Buddha, or a Christ, a Muhammad, a Krishna – but we miss them. They pass us by, and we do not recognise them. Why? We lack the intelligence to recognize them – that is why.

What we need today is the sharpening of intelligence. We all must go within to find the traces of Christhood there, so when a Christ is passing by, our ego does not come in between and stop us from recognizing Him, Her, It.

Sharpening of intelligence, Viveka – that is the call of the hour. For it is only when the intelligence is sharpened that we can get closer to spirituality.

The writer is a spiritual activist and author of more than 130 books, several in English (www.aumkar.org, www.anandkrishna.org). His organization runs Holistic Health/Meditation Centers, a National Plus/Interfaith School, a Charitable Clinic and a Public Reading Room in Bali. For more information, call Aryana or Debbie at 0361 7801595, 8477490.