Parliament of the World's Religions 2009


On 3-9 December 2009, Melbourne, Australia will be the host of the world’s religious and spiritual communities gathering, where their leaders and their followers to a gathering where peace, diversity and sustainability are discussed and explored in the context of interreligious understanding and cooperation. This great event is known as Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009.

And we, Indonesian, should be proud because the Parliament has choosen 2 ambassadors from Indonesia, Bapak Anand Krishna (founder of Anand Ashram Foundation) and Ibu Maya Safira Muchtar (Chairperson of Anand Ashram Foundation). The Parliament has choosen the perfect figure to be ambassadors because Bapak Anand Krishna dan Ibu Maya Safira Muchtar have been implementing interfaith harmony since 1990.

Leading to the main event on December, pre parliament events, such as what Anand Ashram held in Indonesia as in video on this link (http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/_templates/templateprepar.cfm?ppid=107), have been held in all over the world, aslo pre media promotion, as the following link (http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/news/?p=370).

Find more about this event in
http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/ or