Introduction of Anand Krishna At Soul Centered, Ojai, California
September 9, 2007

by Marilyn Salas

Marilyn Salas

I can’t believe this is really happening!

I’m Marilyn Salas, and I am here today to introduce my friend Anand Krishna.

First of all I want to warmly welcome Anand Krishna, and his two associates Maya and Liny, who have traveled over 12,000 miles, passed thru at least 14 time zones, and have experience jet lag as they have never known before, to be with us today!

Welcome…I want to thank each one of you so much for coming this afternoon…

I believe you have all come today because of your open hearts and open minds…that is good because I feel that you will experience a change here today – a change of heart, a change of heart consciousness…an uplifting!


How do you introduce a man who has changed your very life path?…changed the way you think about yourself?…and changed the way you interact with, and view, humanity?…

…..every now and then, someone comes into your life to cause a dramatic shift!…someone comes into your life to stir things up a bit!......raise your consciousness!…and with that, your very awareness about your soul’s purpose! That person wakes you up!

The person who spirit brought into my life, and made such an incredible impact on my consciousness is now with us this afternoon…..his name is Anand Krishna… however he prefers to be called “Krishna”.

Just a brief history of how we met... My husband Bob, my son Rob and I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1991 (my husband had just taken a job thru the Federal Aviation administration to advise the Indonesian government in certifying a commuter aircraft)…….and for me….well, I had just opened up to my spiritual path, and was excited about the possibilities of finding a yoga and meditation teacher in the “east”! Much to my surprise, Indonesia was an 80% muslim country, and there was hardly a yoga/meditation teacher in sight….in fact, it took me one year to find this teacher!

I met Krishna in early 1993, and felt a spiritual connection with him right away…it was not too much after that that he told me that I was a healer…and in that moment…my life changed dramatically…and I continue on this beautiful path of a healer to this day.

We left Jakarta in the summer of 1993, but I knew my connection with Krishna was not to be taken lightly. Can you believe….we have stay in communication for almost 15 years…and mostly by email? That in itself is nothing less than amazing!

When I met Krishna in 1993, at that time, he had but one ashram in north Jakarta, and a small group of loyal “friends”….today, his non-profit organization, called the Anand Ashram Foundation, now has two ashrams (the second ashram called, “One Earth”, is an ashram/retreat center in the local mountains near Jakarta), and a little over one year ago, a healing/spiritual center in Bali, Indonesia was opened.

He is now known by millions thru TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines…he has 2 websites, and has written over 100 books! He has started numerous organizations and centers which supports the human spirit and holistic care for children and adults…there is even a program that brings out the beauty of Islam, which was set up in response to the radical sections of muslim society in Indonesia.

His honored achievements are numerous…however, one of the most noteworthy, and impressive of Krishna’s list of achievements, is the fact that thousands of Indonesians have been taught yoga and meditation….changing the very fabric of religious belief….and this is a tremendous accomplishment in a country that is so predominately muslim!

Earlier this year, the Anand Ashram Foundation was granted NGO (Non-Government Organization) status with the United Nations, Department of Information. This is the first inter-faith organization to be given such an honor in Indonesia!

With out any further ado, it is with deep honor, love and tremendous joy that I would like to introduce my dear friend, Anand Krishna, to his long-awaited American friends!