Press Conference
Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All


Following up the United Nation Department of Public Information (UNDPI) Annual Conference on 5-7 September 2007 about Climate Change in New York, a press conference regarding the same topic of "Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All" was held by the National Integration Movement (NIM) in the Governor Office of Bali on September 27th, 2007. The press conference was attended by local and national media such as: Koran Bali, Bali Post, Media Indonesia, Raditya, Bali Travel News, The Djakarta Post, Nusa Bali, Fokus, Antara , Sarad, Dialog, Bisnis Bali, Sinar Harapan, Surya Pagi, RCTI, TVRI, and Bali TV. Anand Krishna, as one of the delegates of the UNDPI conference mentioned above, was invited to talk about the results of such conference. Other speakers who attended the press conference were Mr. Agung Wardana (WALHI), Mr. Kesuma Kelakan (The Deputy Governor of Bali), and Mr. John Clark (Consultant).

In the opening speech, Dr. Wayan Sayoga (Coordinator of NIM Bali) mentioned that Anand Krishna with his two colleagues Liny Tjeris and Maya Safira Muchtar as the delegates from Anand Ashram Foundation (the only NGO -- Non Governmental Organization -- from Indonesia that has affiliated with the UN) have attended the UNDPI annual conference regarding the Climate Change: How It Impact Us All, in New York on 5-7 September 2007. He also said that Anand Krishna recommendation incorporated as the preamble of the Conference Declaration. Moreover, Anand Krishna was also invited to give a speech in front of about 80 people in Ojai, California. As the results, a petition signed by California people addressed to Indonesia Government for saving the culture and spiritual in Bali as well as a declaration of California-Bali Friendship Association were appeared. Dr. Sayoga has believed that if a friendship is based on culture and spiritual, it is going to last forever.

Left to right: John Clark, Kesuma Kelakan, Anand Krishna and Agung Wardana

The first speaker was Mr. Agung Wardana from WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup). He said that most of developed countries have become the biggest supplier of carbon dioxide emission. He also said that recently the global warming has already been proved and the impacts have been seen in Bali. Scientific data show that some beaches in Bali have been intruded by sea water about 16% due to the increase of the sea water level. In addition, the water level of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan has been decreased because of the global warming. He also mentioned that “climate change is a global problem for all of us, as such to overcome the problem we need to work together”.

The second speaker was John Clark, a US resident who works as a consultant in Indonesia. He said that the first time he came to Indonesia was about 35 years ago. At that time there were still many palm trees in Bali. He also mentioned that however, some changes have occurred in Bali in order to maintain the tourism industry, for example by the construction of many hotels. The good thing is that he thanked to people in Bali who would share the beauty of Bali to all people in the world. He has believed that if Bali does some changes, then many countries will follow. He also said that he concerns about Bali not for his own good but for his grand children.

The third speaker was The Deputy Governor of Bali, Mr. Kesuma Kelakan, who mentioned about global warming as a global problem for industrial countries, which produce high emission of carbon dioxide, and also for developing countries, which use the industrial products. He also said that people in Bali have realized about the problem and the government has tried to reduce the problem for example by increasing the number of forests in Bali. He also reported that in Negara (one of regions in Bali), the government has planted some jarak and cajuput trees in about 700 acres area. To protect the forests, he added, the government of Bali has tried to use some cultural socialization.

Moreover, he said that mangroves could prevent the carbon dioxide emission as well as decrease the sea water abrasion so that he suggested not changing the mangrove area into a residential area.

Finally, the last speaker was Anand Krishna who mentioned that Anand Ashram Foundation has already affiliated with the UNDPI and therefore all agenda of the UN have to be socialized, and this year is about the Climate Change. In the conference of UNDPI on 5-7 September 2007 (which was attended by 1796 NGOs and 62 countries) resulted in a declaration that will be addressed to the president of participant countries. He also said that “we are fortunate that our recommendation incorporated as the preamble of this declaration”. He has believed that global warming is actually the problem of moral.

He also mentioned about his speech in front of about 80 people in California, where he told them about the situation in Indonesia especially in Bali. People in California have realized that they will face the same problem when the global warming continues to occur. They also concern about what has happened in Bali, and as the results, they decided to create a petition for saving Bali, which was signed by some well known people and artists in California and addressed to the government of Indonesia.

Moreover, Anand Krishna said that this petition have been handed to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Los Angeles. Following up the petition, a declaration of California-Bali Friendship Association was signed by 9 people from California and Bali. He said that “the result of this petition and today press conference will be given to the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also mentioned that the California-Bali Friendship Association will submit a petition to the government of the United State to lift the travel warning to Indonesia”.

At the end of his talk, Anand Krishna said that all these important meetings were held in the special dates, started with the petition that appeared on 9 September 2007 or 9/9/2007 which is 9+9+2+0+0+7 = 27 and 2+7=9. The next meeting was on the 18th of September 2007 resulted in a declaration of California-Bali Friendship Association, which is also 1+8+9+2+0+0+7=27. He added that “today is the 27th of September 2007, which is 2+7+9+2+0+0+7=27 as well”. He has believed that according to numerology, this is a very good combination as the number 9 is a permanent number, and he also hoped that all what we have done are going to express the wisdom of 9.