Declaration of California-Bali Friendship Association

We, the undersign resident of California and Bali recognize that lasting friendship can only be developed through a spiritual and cultural basis.

We are motivated to strengthen our spiritual and cultural roots in order to contribute positively to peace, understanding and harmony in our societies.

It is our hope to jointly promote peace in the world based on just and common human right.

To achieve these goal, the association shall facilitate cultural exchanges between California and Bali and bring about awareness of “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind” – as well as undertake all other activities to promote the same.

We also recognize the wisdom of our indigenous traditions and shall actively uphold such tradition which are relevant to our societies at large.

18 September 2007

- Robert Salas
- Diane Silvester
- Louis Goldstein
- Marilyn Salas
- John Griffin PhD
- Ulrich Brugger
- Liny Tjeris
- Maya Safira Muchtar
- Anand Krishna